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Shelf Life

These little shelfies are a natural extension of my paintings.  I love observing people - I study their clothing, hairstyles, body language and facial expressions - all those little giveaways that reveal so much about a person. We all need to feel comfortable in the space we inhabit , to belong somewhere, and the way we present ourselves says a lot about how we want to be seen by the world...or not seen. Sometimes the smallest little details speak volumes.

My clay figurines are hand crafted from high fired porcelain clay and individually hand painted. Each one is signed on both the back, and on the base and protected with a matt varnish.

They average between 7cms and 10cms high.

There is something quite intimate about working this small. Each figurine is unique and dependent on my mood, so some are bright and decorative, and some are quite muted and introspective. All of them very personal and telling a little story of their own. They can stand alone, but also make really interesting group vignettes so feel free to contact me to discuss multiple purchase options, or even if you want to see a combination of figures together other than what is displayed in the gallery.

I hope one of them speaks to you directly and finds its way

to a quiet little place in your heart and your home.

Thanks for visiting my site.

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