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About Mitch Vane


I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Melbourne, Australia.

I have worked in many areas of art and design and am best known for my children's book illustrations which have a distinctive wonky energetic pen and ink style - usually with  a humorous bent.

My studio space overlooks my back garden and is jam packed full of my art and inspirations and materials.

 I divide my time working on personal painting projects , illustrating books, and doing school and library workshops.

This year I have had  a lot more studio time to paint and experiment, exploring themes of identity and sexual ambiguity.

I love painting  with acrylics and various mediums on wood, paper, canvas - or anything I can get my hands on.  

Recently I have combined my love of whimsy and the complexities of the human condition to create a series of small intimate clay figurines .  They are very much an extension of my portrait paintings and it's exciting using a new medium to tell my stories. Contact me if you see anything you like in the gallery section that isn't listed in my shop - I'll be doing regular updates. Thanks for visiting my site.


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